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Brecksville Ohio Engagement Session

Bill and Sydney met in March of 2012 during their Junior year of college at The Ohio State University.  A fellow sorority sister let Sydney know that her boyfriend’s fraternity was having a Grab A Date Party.  One of the fraternity brothers was looking for a date and Sydney, wanting to blow off steam the first week back of the semester, agreed to go.  That evening came quickly and Bill met her at the doorstep of her sorority house with a big hug.  Sydney loved Bill’s welcoming and friendly personality and they quickly bonded over shots of liquor and Redbull (ending with a little tumble down a hill ; )

Although the memories of their first date party together were a little fuzzy, the one thing Bill and Sydney both knew was that they had a great time together that night and it was worth spending some time together in a less intoxicated environment. Bill  asked Sydney to go on a date with him to a local Italian restaurant followed by his fraternity formal in Indianapolis. In those early weeks, Sydney realized that they both had lots in common and valued relationships with family and friends.

The first few months of the relationship moved pretty quickly. Bill met her parents and they soon knew that they loved one another and wanted to spend a lifetime together.  After graduating from college they got an apartment together and then adopted their Golden Retriever puppy, Gunner. After about a year of living together they bought a house in Akron. In total they were together about 3.5 years before Bill proposed.

Bill and Sydney are big wine lovers and they always talked about going to Gervasi Vineyard for a date night. Sydney was super excited when her mom called to ask the new couple to join her and Sydney’s father for dinner at Gervasi.  Bill led Sydney to the brick path back to the villas and when they arrived at the iron bridge Bill got down on one knee and asked Sydney to marry him.  After getting over the shock and giving Bill an enthusiastic “Yes!”, Sydney realized that her parents and Bill’s parents were peeking around the trees.  Gervasi will forever have a place in their hearts, and getting married in the tree grove was a no brainer to bring their engagement story full circle.

Brecksville Ohio Engagement SessionBrecksville Ohio Engagement Session

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